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Critical Test Results Management (CTRM)

With Notifi, everyone in the patient care loop is able to be more productive & provide better patient care. The ability to easily customize Notifi to our specific requirements has been key to our success. The service, support, & expertise from the HIT team has been outstanding.Karen MountAdministrative Director of Imaging, Saint Barnabas Medical Center

Notifi can be applied to a variety of communication workflows, and one of the first workflows most sites consider is the management of critical test results communications (CTRM).

Notifi Simplifies Critical Test Result Management
The alerting process starts when Notifi receives information about the presence of a abnormal or critical test result. In Diagnostic Radiology for example, the process starts when the interpreting clinician completes the study and finalizes the report. There is no need for any extra effort or special process. Radiologists follow their existing workflow and data capture process (dictation, speech recognition, etc.).

Notifi “reads” the text result and understands the presence of an abnormal or critical value. In clinical lab, the trigger event is data contained in the HL7 feed received from either the (Laboratory Information System) LIS, Lab middleware or via the interface engine.

Notifi Surpasses All Other Critical Test Result Management Solutions

  • Notifi offers unmatched flexibility and customizable configurations. Notifi is not just a CTRM solution. Notifi is made to be your CTRM solution
  • Notifi provides passive and active alert options that allow a completely automated or a more hands-on process for the communication of critical test results
  • Notifi is a multi-department, multi-entity application enabling the standardization of all critical test result communications enterprise wide
  • Notifi can easily be integrated with any HIS, RIS, LIS, EMR, PACS or speech recognition system so there is no interruption of the existing workflow

Most physicians agreed or strongly agreed that alarms were problematic (81%), that they disrupt patient care (77%), and that they can reduce caregiver trust in alarms/alerts 2

  • Notifi satisfies the Joint Commission’s National Patient Safety Goal #2 as well as ACR, CAP and HIPPA compliance requirements
  • Notifi is a powerful communications engine that can be used for a wide-variety of non-critical communications to further enhance workflow efficiency and improve clinician productivity
  • Notifi software does not need to be installed on multiple workstations
  • Notifi accepts information from clinical systems in a variety of methods including HL7
  • Notifi is available for capital purchase or by subscription with ongoing support for both options

Happy Healthcare Clients!

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