Services & Products get more by using Chat Bots

3.5 Billion searches a day, who’s answering all the questions?

HIT provides Deep Learning, AI and Proprietary technology to not only drive leads for service organizations, large corporations and franchises but we also have a unique ability to leverage the same technology for New product launches and brick and mortar companies.

Take a look at some of our success stories:

Brick And Mortar Companies Using AI Chat BOTs from HIT

Many of the companies we represent have a very specific goal that we identify early one that we call their MONEY PHRASE. this is the phrase that if found on the top of a search engine that is most likley to turn into long term revenue. Once we do that we put a value on that customer buy determining what they are worth to the business.

Brick and Mortar AI CHAT BOT Examples

Land Development: If a land developer gets 1 lead a month extra from a HIT BOT that equated to 12 additional leads a year. Our customer does about 5 deals a year, so 1 extra deal would mean a 20% increase in their $40Million dollar business…so it is easy to see how the value of a consumer from them could be over $1million…and most of these customers actually do several deals once they work together the first time, making it even more profitable. We also deploy our side stream technology to help create a side stream of revenue.

Side Stream Income Example

That same customer has also been proactive to create a lead source for its subs in a high-value niche of Sewer and Drain Cleaning Services Near Me and creates leads for those subs and choose to either sell those as a monthly subscription membership by zipcode creating a VIRTUAL FRANCHISE like a model or give them away to help promote goodwill.

An extra $900,000/year potential?

How does it work? Over 30k zip codes, if the platform sells 500 zip codes at $300/mo (which is cheap for these leads) that would earn the business an additional $900k a year in income from just being smart and thinking out of the box!