HIT ROI Calculator

HIT can very quickly return your initial investment. Use the following table to estimate your own savings. Notifi also provides indirect benefits that are not represented here: savings associated with risk reduction, referring satisfaction leading to more referrals, and benefits associated with consistent application of communications guidelines, for example.

Number of Radiology, Lab & or Cardiology Annual ExamsPercent of Exams Requiring Closed-Loop CommunicationCurrent Minutes For Closed Loop CommunicationAverage Annual Salary, Wages, & Benefits of Personnel Placing Calls
Percent of Exams Requiring FYI CallCurrent Minutes Spent Per CallAverage Annual Salary, Wages, & Benefits of Personnel Placing Calls
# of TAT and/or Compliance Reports Per YearCurrent Mins to Prepare Each ReportAverage Annual Salary, Wages, & Benefits of Personnel Producing Report
Annual Time Savings (hours)Annual Dollar Savings
Critical Results Savings5333.3$416,664
Call With Result Savings4,000.0$135,417
Administrative Savings17.0$885
Total Annual Savings+

*Value of DeIdentified Data

De-Identified data and how to sell my healthcare data as de-identified data legally can be found at deidentified.org or the Open Data Policies project.