Regenerative Medicine Marketing And DoctorPatient referral platforms

Doctors spend tons of time and energy becoming a doctor but very little time spent learning how to manage or operate a business let alone grow a business That is why many return to Health insurance technologies To help them build a platform that will bring client referrals to their door.

Regenerative Marketing, AI and Chat Bots help doctors grow practices.

Amniotic Doctors use our technology to connect with their customers.

Optometrists see their way to growing their business leveraging our Chat Bot AI and our marketing expertise to reach out to millions who suffer with Chronic Dry Eye.

Millions of people are turning to regenerative medicine to Help With Problems Like back pain knee pain hip pain joint pain osteoarthritis And other symptoms With things like Wharton’s Jelly, Exosomes And Amniotic Tissue Provider or Amniotic Membrane Patch for the ocular surface.

Telehealth Industry leverages HIT for new technology

Technology is changing healthcare and is using a technology provided by the HIT TEAM to build their business, increase new patient acquisition and reduce paperwork.

Vision Care Industry grows with the HIT Virtual Franchise model

HIT offers a co-op marketing strategy that allows smaller optical labs and doctors to pool their marketing efforts and buy media and technology like the big boys allowing them a leveler in their industry. is a branded service in conjunction with (the leader in Prescription Sunglasses) to create an education portal for consumers who need help in the optical space.

Healthcare News Syndication Services

HIT also works alongside a very high authority BioTech Index Blog and Education resource to provide not only new business development for their customers but a Digital Neas and Whitepaper syndication service.

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