Why HIT Application Solutions

HIT Application Solutions started as a consulting services firm focused on the challenges of diagnostic departmental workflow. We have deep knowledge of the challenges and issues involved in the communication of vital clinical knowledge required to positively affect care quality and outcomes. With over 200 customers across the US and Canada, we have experience with a broad variety of healthcare organizations. HIT Application Solutions has received recognition by KLAS as one of the most respected and applauded firms in the industry.

Beyond our experience, HIT is 100% dedicated to developing intelligent communications tools to improve the quality of healthcare. Although many systems and companies talk about alerting and notifications, the reality is that most of these are only “dumb” alerts with no filtering or calendar awareness. HIT’s Notifi product can be tailored to reflect individual physician preferences as to the type of alert, time of the alert, communication device and even format. This individualized approach sets Notifi apart from other products.

HIT offers value across the entire enterprise…not just benefiting a single department or automating a single function (CTRM). As an enterprise-wide Intelligent Communication Engine, Notifi supports critical test management, ADT notifications, patient scheduling reminders, surveys, chart completion and a wide variety of general communication events. This enterprise-wide perspective on automating and improving communications eliminates the need for multiple niche products reducing complexity and cost.