Company Overview

HIT Application Solutions (HIT) is an innovative IT product and services company that specializes in healthcare information technology and consulting services designed to improve both the quality of care as well as the efficiency of healthcare operations across a variety of delivery environments. HIT’s target market includes hospitals, integrated health networks, standalone imaging centers and reference laboratories. HIT started as a consulting firm to implement RIS and PACS technology and to optimize workflow processes within the Radiology department. HIT began development on its enterprise software application, Notifi, in May 2008 and introduced it to the market in early 2010. Notifi is an enterprise-wide, Intelligent Communication Engine which automates alert and notification processes involving event driven parameters across the continuum of care. While HIT continues to deliver consulting services to the industry, Notifi is now the primary focus and growth engine for the Company.

The initial application of Notifi automated Critical Test Result Management (CTRM) to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and to free up critical resources within various diagnostic departments. Notifi has since been enhanced to automate a wide variety of other types of alerts such as notifying providers of ADT events, delivering automated patient scheduling reminders and post-discharge patient follow up, performing patient follow up care reminders and even supporting managed care delivery by connecting provider and payers with patients in their home. HIT is ranked as one of Philadelphia’s 100 fastest growing companies.